An AtD Copper Creations Ltd Classic that has been re-designed and re-issued!  Featured in Molly Burke's You Tube videos (look for the lamp in the background of her apartment!) and all handmade out of 1/2" industrial copper pipe and fittings.  This lamp base has a small foot print of only 17" inches and measures about 63" to 64" tall with standard lamp harp (included).  

Some minimal assembly is required although will be explained in detailed, yet easy-to-follow illustrated instructions with purchase.

Note that any pictured lampshades are for illustration purposes only and not included in the price listed. This is to allow you to use a current lamp shade, or pick out one from your favorite shop, as well as to minimize shipping costs. 

Remember that this hand crafted, one-of-a-kind lighting art piece is fully functional as a lamp, yet should be handled with care. 

LED bulbs are recommended due to low costs of use and safety due to lower heat emissions as compared with most conventional incandescent bulbs.

Feel free to contact me for options or with any questions you may have.



AtD Copper Tube Tripod 2.X Lamp Base

  • Since each lamp is hand made to order, it cannot be returned. However, do contact me with any issues in shipping or installation that you encounter!