As a guitar player myself, I enjoyed designing and creating this truly unique all-copper-pipe guitar stand, which can fit most every standard-size electric guitar (please indicate if for acoustic guitar for a slightly more extended base). Please see the pictures for the details of the stand, and contact me for any questions on a unique music stand request, as well as multiple guitar stands!

Measures @28" tall x @16" wide x @13" deep

Note that the copper used in my work is cleaned and polished, but not lacquered/coated, and therefore will naturally change color and eventually tarnish with age. I also supply thick plastic tube pieces with each stand for use to protect your instrument from the copper metal, which you can decide to use or not with the stand.

Lastly, any guitar pictured is NOT included of course!

Handmade Copper Pipe Guitar Stand

  • Since each piece is hand made to order, it cannot be returned. However, do contact me with any issues in shipping or installation that you encounter!